Monday, May 23, 2016

bikes, bikes, bikes

The weather in Wisconsin tonight is perfection. As soon as I got home from work I changed into my biking outfit, filled up my water bottle, snapped on the helmet and off I was! Delafield has amazing biking trails. Scenic, peaceful and bustling at the same time, and plenty of paved miles to explore. Here's my outfit: 

The fanny pack is obviously my favorite part. Tonight during my ride I was thinking about a few things... 

  • My wedding. Getting married in two months, so excited!!!
  • Eyelash extensions are literally the worst when you're biking @ 16 mph
  • The fantasy-land puketastic bachelorette is on tonight. Do I watch Jordan Rodgers or Netflix and chill?
  • What is Netflix and chill?! 
But, more seriously, I had some major concerns during the bike ride. 

First up: people are @$$hats when it comes to stopping for pedestrians/bikers/dog walkers. I mean there are clear signs that say yield for pedestrians in crosswalks. What the F, I'm just trying to be my healthiest me and all you drivers out there are trying to kill me when I'm simply trying to cross the road? Don't be one of those people. Stop for the bikers! 

Next, I'm looking for some advice. We'll see who can help me out! I need a good pair of sunglasses, specifically a pair that's good for biking. My current fave sunglasses: a pair of amazing aviators. But they're not exactly made for biking - bugs are constantly flying through the middle part into my eyes. Share some good brands with me. Huge plus if they're polarized. 

That's it for tonight! 

Xoxo, B

Friday, March 4, 2016

I'm back, b*tches

Forgive me, blogger, for I haven't blogged. It's been almost three years since my last entry. We have TONS to catch up on.

So let's talk about what's been going on since July, 11th 2013. I've done a million things. No, literally, I have. Probably more. Here are the important things:

I bought a lot of shoes
Went to Mexico (twice!!)
Moved in with my boyfriend - we live in Delafield and we're snobs
Took an amazing trip with my sister to Door County, and I cannot WAIT for our next trip!
GOT ENGAGED to the love of my life <3 (best day of my life!!!)
Took a girls trip to NYC
Stood up in my younger brothers wedding
Took a trip to Boston with my fiance

It's been a wonderful past few years! I haven't had any serious issues with my MS which is amazing!!! But, some things did change. One - my medication: in November of 2014 I started taking Gilenya. It's a pill. I take it every day, which is a much better option than taking a shot every other day. The shot became so painful and I the bruises it gave me? Ew, stop. The pill is much easier. I still have really tough days... sometimes I find it hard to hold a conversation with someone. It's a new issue I have encountered. While I know exactly what I want to say, processing the thought through my brain and getting it out isn't always easy. I've noticed this in several conversations lately, and simply hope no one else does.

Let's stay in touch! I'll be back soon

xoxo, B

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'll have another...

My blog has been dying out lately, and I don't like it! Though, I feel it's been so spontaneous with little meaning to my readers except for the fact to keep you in the loop on my life and everything fabulous about it. It's mostly just fun for me, but I like to keep everyone as entertained as possible.

That said... I am going to be taking another blog in a different direction, but keep this one here for my nearest and dearest ones that I don't bore too much! XO you know who you are, I know who you are and I love you more than anything else. You all have had an amazing impact on my life and shaped me to be the person I am today... Confident, loving, friendly, sophisticated, crazy and loyal. It's taken years to mold me into the many things that I am, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

My next bold move is making me question a number of things. The last several months, I have been my biggest fan. Honestly, if you're not your own biggest fan, who is going to be? Anyways, enough about how conceited I am. I don't like questioning things. I'm a straight shooter, I know what I want... and then again now I am feeling that I am not so sure about it!. Yikes bikes.

Well, onto it. I'll keep you posted my loves. XO -B

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How summer feels

Summer is my favorite season. There are many reasons why I love summer as much as I do... warm weather, sunny days on the beach, open toe shoes showing off hot pink polish, ice cream cones, teeny bikinis, sun hats, camping, swimming, reading magazines about the best trends of the year, ice cold beer on a bar patio with friends, ice cold beer on a boat, ice cold beer anywhere. 

That list could go on and on. Nothing beats summer. But more than anything all summer, nothing beats watching an amazing firework show light up the night sky over Lake Michigan. It just puts a smile on your face for a few minutes. 

As a child, I am sure I said something along the lines of "ooohhhhh look at the boom booms!" On second thought, probably not. Make sure you give yourself an opportunity to enjoy fireworks in the near future. #permasmile

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sh*t my friends say...

My friends are ridiculous. In a super amazing, hilarious way. In one night, the following 6 quotes came out of these women's mouths...

  • I want to be roofied
  • I want to be a dog so people buy things for me
  • I like crack
  • I'm a sloppy pen pal
  • I think I should be polka... dot. Polka dot. 
  • Penis sandwich
I'll be making a youtube vid in the same fashion as the "sh*t (insert specified group here) say" vids. 


Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Steroid effect

No - this is not about Ryan Braun. I have recently started keeping track, a la blog, of the first MS attack I've had since being diagnosed back in 2009. I have been pretty lucky that it's been almost three and a half years since a flare up has occurred. With MS - it's a waiting game. You never know when an attack will occur. There are ways to avoid on-setting an attack  though attacks ultimately will happen during the course of the disease. As long as you religiously follow your treatment (I'm on an interferon: Betaseron. See blog:, avoid stress and extreme heat, stay healthy and exercise your chances of having a attack shrink.

This all started on January 25th, and since that time I've had a numb feeling spread from my toes all the way up to my thighs, in both legs. Think of the pins-and-needles feeling you get when your arm or leg falls asleep, and add the weight of 10 lb bricks to your feet. On top of it, my balance is completely off. I def look tipsy when I get up to mosey around my apartment/workplace. I wonder how many people think I've been drinking... ;)

I have been on a super crazy dose of Prednisone, which is a steroid that reduces inflammation and in turn should shorten the length and severity of the attack. The side effects are interesting - I have a ton of energy - and can you say water retention?!?! I have gone up at least a cup size and I'm afraid that someone is going to ask my due date when I'm in public.

More than anything, it's been annoying. Though I don't need help with my daily routine, I have slowed down since my legs take a little while to warm up. Even when they realize they need to carry me around all day, they give me a hard time... So I have used walls, railings, even chairs to steady myself if I feel like I may tip over :)

So I'll be wobbling my way around for the next couple weeks until I'm back to normal! If anyone knows where to get a super sweet cane let me know. I'll need a custom bedazzle job. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

What a powerful statement. There are things in life that happen and make you think "why me"? If there is ever a time you start to think this, STOP it. Having a positive outlook in life is one of the best things available to you, and the best part is that you give yourself the option to have a really, really great outlook. Reach out to someone if you need a hand.

I define myself as a supremely optimistic person. It takes quite a blow to put me in a bad mood... but Saturday, I was in a bad mood. After 6 days of suffering from an exacerbation from my MS, I was fed up and heading to Walgreens to pick up an Rx because both my legs, up to my hips, had gone numb. Not the kind of numb that you can't move them. The kind of numb you feel when an arm (in this case my legs) fall asleep. So, you take one look at me and notice nothing - I can walk, I can drive, however I'm "numb". This is the first "attack" I've experienced since being diagnosed in 2009, so I am slightly freaking out.

Friday night, my Neurologist phoned in a interesting mix of steroids (to treat the attack), antacid (to treat the heartburn caused by the steroids) and sleeping pills (to help me sleep since the steroids give me more energy than I care for). Well, I'm standing in line at Walgreens pharmacy pick up, get to the counter and tell them I need to pick up the Rx. And the woman behind the counter says "We have nothing on file for you". I was a little astounded, had them check to see if they may have phoned it into another location - nope. Nothing. My doc had forgotten to phone it in, after twice verifying with me what treatment they were going to put me on. With all of this going on I get back in my car and have a quiet little hissy fit.

I got in touch with the doctor on call and an hour later I was equipped with too many pills and the energy of a 6 year old who ate way too much sugar and just got a puppy. Keep your fingers crossed that the 'roids are supposed to make things worse before they get better... I've now got cinder blocks for feet and horrible balance.

So, what's making you stronger today?